FAA-Approved Flight Simulator

High Sierra Pilots has acquired a brand new Gleim BATD FAA-Approved Flight Simulator for flight training.

As the club grows we are always looking to ways to expand the tools available to our members. This FAA-Approved BATD Flight Simulator from Gleim Aviation can be used for instructional purposes with a Certified Flight Instructor.

Under 14 CFR Sec 61.109 (k)(1) student Pilot can log up to 2.5 hours toward your flight training.

Additionally, the BATD can be used to log 10 hours toward your Instrument Rating. 14 CFR Sec 61.65(i)

The BATD can also be used for Instrument recent flight experience requirements under 14 CFR 61.57 (c) including six instrument approaches, holding patterns, tracking a course, etc. This requirement is met to maintain IFP currency.

For more information on our new Flight Simulator please contact the front office. You can also see it in detail on Gleim’s website: https://www.gleimaviation.com/cockpitbatd/

Scheduling: The BATD will be available to schedule through Flight Schedule Pro starting October 1st, 2020 for members and by appointment from non-members.

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