To provide members with unparalleled access to a diverse fleet of aircraft that cater to a multitude of missions, ensuring that every flying experience is both enriching and exhilarating.

We believe in creating more than just a club; we are dedicated to building lasting connections among our members. High Sierra Pilots is a welcoming space where individuals come together to forge friendships, share stories, and celebrate the unique camaraderie that aviation fosters.

With a focus on travel, our club opens up a world of possibilities. From scenic local flights to cross-country adventures, members have the opportunity to explore the beauty of the skies and discover new horizons. Our fleet is meticulously maintained, offering a range of aircraft that can suit diverse preferences and requirements, making every journey a personalized and memorable experience.

In addition

. . . to providing access to a diverse fleet, High Sierra Pilots Flying Club is committed to nurturing the growth of our members through comprehensive flight training programs. Whether you are a novice or an experienced pilot, our certified flight instructors offer personalized training to enhance your skills and knowledge. We strive to create an environment where learning is enjoyable and where aspiring aviators can transform their dreams of flight into a reality.

High Sierra Pilots Flying Club is not just about flying; it’s about creating a community where the shared love for aviation becomes a source of inspiration, learning, and growth. Join us on this journey, as we soar to new heights together, forging friendships, exploring new destinations, and experiencing the unparalleled thrill of flight while investing in the continuous improvement and education of our members.


Don’t just take our word for it, take a look at what our members have to say about us.

Trim flying costs

A group of people who want to own an aircraft come together to share access as well as the high costs associated with ownership.  Typically this group of people is made up of both student pilots learning to fly as well as seasoned pilots who have many hours in various aircraft.

A flying club can bring a group of pilots together around a single aircraft or multiple aircraft and the primary purpose of joining a club is to bring down the cost of flying.  For example,  in a non-club environment, you can rent an aircraft such as a Cessna 172 for between $140/hr to $180/hr.  If you are a student pilot or a private pilot advancing a rating then you need an instructor, who will charge $75/hr to $125/hr typically.  On top of all that you will need insurance and that’s $99/mo minimum.

So renting an airplane is good for pilots and students who only fly a handful of hours a year.  But most of us pilots want to fly more, WAY MORE! So we look into buying an airplane for ourselves.  Owning your own airplane is ideal, the freedom, the access, and well… NOT sharing it! Buuuuut with that ownership comes additional expenses that are often out of our financial ability or tolerance.  Some examples: a hangar for your airplane at $250 – $500/month depending on the airport, oil changes every 50 hours,  and annual inspections every year (on that same Cessna 172, an annual would be in the ballpark of $2500).  Insurance on your airplane depends on the airplane’s worth and the pilot’s experience level (hours flown in that type of aircraft and ratings).  For example, my first airplane was a 1977 C172 and insurance was about $1500 per year as a low-time pilot.

A flying club is not only a way to share these costs and thus reduce your portion of all these expenses but is also great a place to learn and form life-long friendships.  The various activities hosted by the club (such as fly-ins to cool airports, guest speakers, and more) keep club members and club instructors staying around for many years.  It’s not uncommon nor is it surprising that some pilots choose flying clubs as their lifelong way to access aircraft.