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What is a Flying Club?

The moment you step into the club, you instantly feel like you are among kindred spirits who share a profound passion for aviation. It is a club that is full of fun, laughter, and camaraderie. You mix and mingle with people who share your love for flying, and together you take to the skies to experience the ultimate exhilaration and freedom that only flying can bring.

At our Flying Club, we own or lease an extensive range of diverse airplanes, which are available for our members to use. Whether you’re a seasoned pilot, a student pilot, or simply an aviation enthusiast, the club is open to all who have a passion for aviation. If you’re looking to learn to fly, travel, or socialize with fellow aviators, then look no further!


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What's up?

Just some of what's available at the Flying Club.

Aircraft Access

Our club offers a wide range of aircraft, from single-engine trainers to high-performance twin-engine planes, to suit any skill level and preference. Flying Clubs provide memorable and rewarding flying experiences to those passionate about aviation.

Flight Training

Are you an aspiring pilot who is eager to learn? Or maybe you've already logged countless hours in the cockpit and are looking to broaden your horizons. Either way, the flying club is a great way to learn. With a vibrant community of fellow pilots to connect with, you'll have plenty of opportunities to share your experiences, learn from others, and build lasting relationships. Become a member and take your flying skills to the next level!

Community and Networking

Our flying club is not just about lessons, but also about fun events for aviation enthusiasts. We organize movie nights, pancake breakfasts, barbecues and social activities to allow members to connect and build camaraderie with like-minded individuals. Come join us and enrich your passion for aviation while making lifelong connections!

Safety and Support

Ensuring the safety of all aviation operations is our utmost priority at our Club. To maintain this high level of safety, we remain dedicated to implementing ongoing training, resources, guest speakers, workshops, advanced programs, and more. In aviation everything we do starts with safety.


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Airplanes are more than cool, they are fascinating feats of engineering and innovation! From the moment they take flight, the world below transforms into a miniature version of itself – every detail, every sight and sound, becomes more vivid from up high. Think of all the possibilities that open up when you’re on an airplane – new places to discover, new cultures to experience, new people to meet. The sky is the limit, and with airplanes, adventure is waiting just around the corner. So let’s get excited about airplanes because they are some of the greatest inventions of our time. 

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