How it works

Costs and Rules

Understanding what you get and what you pay:

  • Membership fee: $250/mo
  • Hourly operating fees are as low as $44.94/hr (dry)
    • When you check out the airplane to take your flight the fuel tanks will be full.  When you check the aircraft back in after use, you are required to fill the fuel tanks up to the tabs for the next person(full).
  • Flight time is purchased in buckets of 10, 20, and 40 hrs below are just a couple examples of pricing:
    • Cessna 150 13Q
      • Basic Membership: 10 hrs ($72.00/hr), 20 hrs  ($68.40/hr), or 40 hrs ($64.98/hr)
      • Frequent Flyer Membership: 10 hrs ($49.80/hr), 20 hrs  ($47.31/hr), or 40 hrs ($44.94/hr)
    • Cherokee 14W
      • Basic Membership: 10 hrs ($72.00/hr), 20 hrs  ($68.40/hr), or 40 hrs ($64.98/hr)
      • Frequent Flyer Membership: 10 hrs ($49.80/hr), 20 hrs  ($47.31/hr), or 40 hrs ($44.94/hr)
    • Cessna 172 (68F)
      • Basic Membership: 10 hrs ($108.00/hr), 20 hrs  ($102.60/hr), or 40 hrs ($97.47/hr)
      • Frequent Flyer Membership: 10 hrs ($79.60/hr), 20 hrs  ($75.62/hr), or 40 hrs ($71.84/hr)
    • Cessna 182 88M
      • Basic Membership 10 hrs ($116.50/hr), 20 hrs ($110.68/hr), 40 hrs ($105.14/hr)
      • Frequent Flyer Membership 10 hrs ($89.50/hr), 20 hrs ($85.03/hr), 40 hrs ($80.77/hr)
    • FAA Approved GLEIM BATD Flight Simulator
      • $55/hr for Basic Members
      • Free for Frequent Flyer Members
  • You can fill up your account with up to 40 hours of flight time.  Hours used are based on HOBBS time meaning you will not be billed for hours the aircraft is not in use.  Your hours never expire as long as you pay your monthly membership fee and are in good standing with the club.
  • There are Club Member CFIs who offer discounted instruction rates as low as $50/hr to members of the club.  There are also non-member CFI’s who are approved to teach in Club aircraft and are around $75/hr for instruction.
  • Scheduling time in the aircraft is called making a “reservation”.  It’s done through the Club’s online scheduling system.   You can make reservations anywhere you have an internet connection and can log in.  You are limited to three reservations at a time and cannot make a fourth reservation until you fly one, or cancel one.
  • Keeping the aircraft overnight will incur an overnight fee of $50.  If you cannot return the aircraft when scheduled due to weather then the overnight fee and all hourly operating fees for that unforeseen time will be waived.  You have to let the club office know via phone or email for the fees to be waived.  PLEASE DO NOT FLY IN BAD WEATHER to save money!  It won’t save you money, just give us a call and we will waive all charges associated with a no-go decision.
  • Each member in good standing will be given access to the keys to the club aircraft (and hangar if applicable).  Please lock the aircraft whenever you are away from it and always tie the aircraft down appropriately, wipe the bugs off the wing, and clean up any items you brought with you.
  • There are no maintenance fees or annual dues for members.  It’s all covered by the above fees.  We have provided some example sums for you below to help you understand how to calculate your costs.
    • Though there are no regular or ongoing maintenance fees, members are responsible to cover the maintenance cost for specific items they cause or are involved with, such as flatting a tire.

It’s an absolute joy to have your own airplane.  It brings with it freedom and satisfaction unparalleled by most other things in life.  Use common sense, be compliant with all applicable FARs, and be safe!  The better we take care of these wonderful machines the more we can all enjoy them for years to come.

A basic member cost calculation:


40 hrs x $44.94/hr + $250 for the first month = $2047.60 at the start and then $250/mo each month until 40 hours are flown off.


10 hrs x $49.80/hr + $250 for the first month = $748 at the start and then $250/mo each month until after 10 hours are flown off.

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