General Information

  • Hourly Rate (dry): $120.50
  • Horsepower: 180
  • Seats: 2 People
  • Useful Load: 446.25 lbs (Aerobatic)
  • Fuel Burn: 8 gph @ 75%
  • Ceiling: 12,000
  • Speed: 140 KIAS
  • Fuel capacity: 40 gallons


  • Garmin 430 WAAS
  • Lycoming AIO-360
  • ADS-B IN/OUT Transponder
  • Aerobatic Class
  • Private Pilot Certificate or Higher
  • Tailwheel Endorsement
  • Three take-offs and landings within the preceding 60 days.
  • Satisfactory Checkout with a Club Instructor

This aircraft has a density altitude limit of 8000′.

Aircraft Description

In the words of American Champion Aircraft, the manufacturer of the renowned Super Decathlon, this versatile and thrilling aircraft allows you to “experience the world upside down.” Sporting an aerobatic Lycoming engine putting out 180 HP, this sleek aircraft rockets through the sky, performing maneuvers, spins, twists, turns and rolls with ease.

The Super Decathlon sports a mostly fabric body, detailed in the iconic starburst pattern detailed by American Champion, provides a modest fuel burn, and cruises at a zippy 140 KIAS. In addition to be an excellent, stable tailwheel trainer and solid aerobatic platform for instruction, the Super Decathlon is also quite simply a blast to fly.

If you want to safely and comfortably explore the possibilities of tailwheel and aerobatic flying, the Super Decathlon is your airplane.

Aircraft Documents


$ 15/mo Monthly
  • Be an Official Member
  • Attend Club Events
  • Support High Sierra Pilots


$ 75/mo Monthly
  • Flight Time as Low As $140.50/hr*
  • Access to Aircraft and Club CFIs
  • Attend Club Events

Frequent Flyer

$ 250/mo Monthly
  • Deep Discounts: Fly as Low as $120.50/hr*
  • Access to Aircraft, Club CFIs, and Club Events
  • Free Use of the FAA Approved Flight Sim