General Information

  • Hourly Rate (dry): $110
  • Horsepower: 201
  • Seats: 4 People
  • Useful Load: 1200 lbs
  • Fuel Burn: 12 gph @ 75%
  • Ceiling: 20,000
  • Speed: 162 knots TAS
  • Fuel capacity: 72 gallons


  • Continental TSIO-360-FB
  • Fixed Position Turbo
  • uAvionix Tailbeacon X ADS-B In/Out
  • uAvionix AV-30C Attitude Indicator
  • uAvionix AV-30C Heading Indicator
  • Private Pilot Certificate or Higher
  • High Performance Endorsement
  • Complex Endorsement
  • 150+ Hours Total Time
  • 25 Hours Complex Time or 10 Hours in Make and Model
  • Satisfactory Checkout with a Club Instructor

This aircraft has a density altitude limit of 8000′.

Aircraft Description

The Piper Arrow line grew out of the established Piper Cherokee family, using that reliable airframe and the excellent, expert engineering that went into it as a foundation for a faster, sleeker aircraft. Like the Cherokee, the Piper Arrow offers reliability and comfort, and adds speed, more carrying capacity, and more fuel capacity to the mix.

The Piper Turbo Arrow III adds even more speed, with a Continental TSIO-360 engine providing a solid 162 knot cruising speed. Equipped with modern avionics and ADS-B In and Out, 740 is built to get you to your destination with speed and style.

Aircraft Documents


$ 15/mo Monthly
  • Be an Official Member
  • Attend Club Events
  • Support High Sierra Pilots


$ 75/mo Monthly
  • Flight Time as Low As $140.00/hr*
  • Access to Aircraft and Club CFIs
  • Attend Club Events

Frequent Flyer

$ 250/mo Monthly
  • Deep Discounts: Fly as Low as $110.00/hr*
  • Access to Aircraft, Club CFIs, and Club Events
  • Free Use of the FAA Approved Flight Sim