General Information

  • Hourly Rate (dry): $93.52
  • Horsepower: 150
  • Seats: 4 People
  • Useful Load: 880 lbs
  • Fuel Burn: 8 gph
  • Ceiling: 15,000
  • Speed: 117 kias
  • Fuel capacity: 25 gallons5


  • Student Pilot Certificate or Higher
  • Satisfactory Checkout with a Club Instructor

This aircraft has a density altitude limit of 7900′.

Aircraft Description

Flying a Cessna 172M TAA (Technically Advanced Aircraft) is a unique blend of traditional aviation charm and modern technological sophistication. As you settle into the cockpit, you’re greeted by the familiar hum of the Lycoming engine, combined with the sleek digital displays of the Garmin avionics suite. Pre-flight checks are intuitive, with the glass cockpit providing real-time data and streamlined navigation. Taxiing out to the runway, the Cessna’s reliable handling reassures you, and as you advance the throttle for takeoff, the aircraft responds smoothly, lifting off with a steady, confident climb. In the air, the TAA’s advanced autopilot and situational awareness tools reduce workload, allowing you to focus more on the joy of flight and less on manual calculations. The panoramic views through the expansive windows are breathtaking, making each journey a delightful exploration of the skies. Whether you’re flying VFR or IFR, the Cessna 172M TAA offers an unmatched combination of safety, reliability, and cutting-edge technology, making each flight a seamless blend of tradition and innovation.

Aircraft Documents


$ 15/mo Monthly
  • Be an Official Member
  • Attend Club Events
  • Support High Sierra Pilots


$ 75/mo Monthly
  • Flight Time as Low As $118.52/hr*
  • Access to Aircraft and Club CFIs
  • Attend Club Events

Frequent Flyer

$ 250/mo Monthly
  • Deep Discounts: Fly as Low as $93.52/hr*
  • Access to Aircraft, Club CFIs, and Club Events
  • Free Use of the FAA Approved Flight Sim