General Information

  • Hourly Rate (dry): $75.23
  • Horsepower: 180
  • Seats: 4 People
  • Useful Load: 1150 lbs
  • Fuel Burn: 9 gph
  • Ceiling: 16,400
  • Speed: 124 KIAS
  • Fuel capacity: 50 gallons


  • Garmin 430 WAAS
  • uAvionix AV-30C Attitude Indicator
  • uAvionix AV-30C Heading Indicator
  • uAvionix Tail Beacon X ADS-B Out
  • Student Pilot Certificate or Higher
  • Satisfactory Checkout with a Club Instructor

During the summer months the club fills this aircraft to the “tabs”.  This Airplane also has a density altitude limitation of 8000′.

Aircraft Description

Experience the perfect blend of reliability, performance, and comfort in the skies. Our well-maintained Piper Cherokee offers a spacious cabin, making it ideal for both training missions and leisurely weekend getaways. Equipped with modern avionics and a responsive piston engine, this aircraft delivers a smooth and enjoyable flying experience for pilots of all levels.

With a fifty gallon fuel capacity, 1150 pounds of useful load, 180 HP, 124 knot cruising speed, 510 nm of range, and separate baggage area, the Piper Cherokee C model is well suited to family trips. And equipped with a Garmin 430W GPS, dual AV-30-Cs, and a TailBeacon X, it’s fully equipped to safely and comfortably take to the skies.

Aircraft Documents


$ 15/mo Monthly
  • Be an Official Member
  • Attend Club Events
  • Support High Sierra Pilots


$ 75/mo Monthly
  • Flight Time as Low As $107.54/hr*
  • Access to Aircraft and Club CFIs
  • Attend Club Events

Frequent Flyer

$ 250/mo Monthly
  • Deep Discounts: Fly as Low as $75.23/hr*
  • Access to Aircraft, Club CFIs, and Club Events
  • Free Use of the FAA Approved Flight Sim