Cessna 182M

Perfect for cross country flights. Come fly this high performance Skylane, equipped with a Garmin 430W and 530W!
  • Private Pilot Certificate or Higher
  • High-Performance Endorsement
  • Satisfactory Checkout with an Authorized Club Instructor


  • IFR Aircraft
  • Cruise Speed: 141 mph
  • Range: 850 nm
  • Fuel Burn: 13.5 gph @ 75%
  • Rate of Climb: 980 fpm
  • Garmin 530W GPS (CLICK HERE)
  • Garmin 430W GPS (CLICK HERE)
  • Century II Autopilot
  • InSight 6 Cylinder Engine Monitor
  • Carberator Temp Gauge
  • Seats: 4 People
  • Useful Load: 1180 lbs.
  • O-470 Engine Manual (CLICK HERE)

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Basic Member


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Frequent Flyer


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