Our #1 rule is safety


Because we all share an aircraft we all work together to make sure that 66R and any other aircraft we may add to our fleet meet are safe to fly.  The club has a dedicated A&P AI that takes care of those needs and each pilot does a thorough preflight and post flight inspection each time they fly.  More eyes on the aircraft has been beificial to keeping 66R in great condition.  We carry a commercial insurance policy that covers each member and the aircraft to the more stringent inspection schedule required of commercial operations.

Additionally, each member has a wealth of experience and knowledge to share with the other members.  Some of our pilots have been flying for over 30 years and we work to support the newer less experienced members with that experience.  Anytime you have a question or concern you can come to the club office and inquire.  Our staff will draw on all our members to get you the best information to address your inquiry.